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Archaeology learning during the pandemic? It can be fun!

Despite the challenges of virtual learning, crafting these classes and executing them with Education Explorations have been so enjoyable! Each 2-hour class is full of fun activities and of course, a whole lot of storytelling! I tell stories of what archaeology is all about, my own archaeological journey (+ my favorite archaeological site!), and sites are around us in the Philippines. The super cool kid participants also share stories about what artifacts they think they might find in their neighborhoods and their own artifacts!

Each session has been so full of learning! I consider myself lucky to have spent a few Saturday afternoons of my 2021 with small groups of enthusiastic kids ready to learn about our ancient world. With all the experiences gained from the past sessions, I'm excited to craft more awesome (and hopefully in-person!) experiences for kids in the coming year.

For more information about these classes, you can contact @educationexplorations on Instagram and Facebook!

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